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Tablet : TABTRONICS 10.1" A31s Quad Core

Help & Support :

Failing to Boot :

1. Hold the power on button for 10 seconds to hard power off. Push the power on agian for 3 seconds.

Failure of the above to restart the tablet connect the tablet to a PC using the supplied USB cable. Leave connected for 30mins before powering up. Once powered up check that the tablet is charging with the UK Charger.

Stuck on Boot Up Process : ( note this will wipe all data on the tablet )

>hold down vol- and power on buttons at the same time keep holding of the 2 buttons down until the logo appears and the screen will display a recovery menu
>navigate using the vol - and vol + buttons or by using touch if the volume button do not work to the menu wipe data/factory reset
>press the on button to select
>navigate to "yes delete all user data"
>press the on button to select
>the tablet will reset then return to the menu
>this time press the on button to reboot system now